Nepenthes Summit 1st

Content of lecture announcement and appearance on Saturday, October 4

Koshiro Kawase
Promotion of hybrid of Koto and cultivation technology of Nepenthes

1974年から1993年にかけて交雑を行い、その過程で得られた実生の育成、捕虫袋の形質に及ぼす親株の影響、ジベレリン処理による 腋芽の伸長、挿し木繁殖(空中挿し、水差し、それらの発根の比較など)について詳細に解説。

It breeds from 1974 to 1993, and it explains the promotion of the seedling obtained by the process and the extension of the axil by the influence of the old share on Shape of pitcher and the gibberellin processing and the cuttage breeding (comparison of Tane of doing in the air and the pitcher and etc.) in detail.

Naoki Tanabe
Nepentes habitat report of the Malay Peninsula and Borneo

1997年から2003年にかけて行われた、マレー半島(ペナン島、キャメロンハイランド、ゲンチンハイランド、 ジョホール州デサル)、ボルネオ(クチン、ミリ、ムル)のネペンテス自生地探検の総括及び、自生地から得られた 栽培技術への応用

Application to cultivation technology that obtained it from summary and habitat of Nepentes exploration of the Malay Peninsula (Penang island, Cameron Highland, Genting highland, and Johore Desaru) and Borneo (Kuching, Miri, and Mulu) done from 1997 to 2003

N.albo-marginata N.gracilis N.mirabilis N.albo-marginata x gracilis? N.albo-marginata x mirabilis? N.macfarlanei N.sanguinea N.ramispina N.ampullaria N.rafflesiana N.hookeriana N.mirabilis N.trichocarpa N.bicalcarata N.veitchii N.hirsuta N.tentaculata N.vogelii N.faizaliana N.campanulata 他多数


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