Nepenthes Summit 1st

Content of lecture announcement and appearance on Saturday, October 5

Isamu Kusakabe
History of import of Nepenthes


It explains the history of the Nepentes introduction in Japan in detail about the history from 1720 to 1951.

Hidenori Hamachi
Nepenthes of Hong Kong

香港の離島、ランタオ島に飛行場が開発され、容易に観光できるようになった影響で、自生地も容易に見る事ができるようである。 N.mirabilisの30cm以上の袋を見ることができるそうだ。

It can be thought that the airport is developed on the solitary island and the Rantao island in Hong Kong, and the natural growth ground is also easy under the influence where it came to be able to go sightseeing easily. N.I hear that the bag of mirabilis of 30cm or more can be seen.

Yukio Koshikawa
How to Cultivation and breeding

南総で栽培を始めて7年ほどが経過し、その間で得られたネペンテスの新たな栽培方法と増殖法について 詳しく解説。挿し木増殖の新方法や戸外栽培の試みなど非常に興味深い内容である。

It passes for about seven years since cultivation is started in the south total botanical garden, and it explains a new cultivation method and the proliferation method of Nepentes obtained between those in detail. It is a very interesting content like the attempt of a new method and the outdoor cultivation of the cuttage proliferation etc.

Yoshinori Ito
Nepenthes of Laos


It is a detailed report as for the habitat situation etc. of N.thorelii that has been seen in Laos. Besides, it explains the management method etc. in detail about the exhibit voluntarily brought.

Kazuhisa Mio
About highland Nepentes of Borneo and Sumatra


It explains the kind of highland Nepentes. The difficulty and the problem institution of the identification of the seed were done.


N.bongso N.singalana N.talangensis N.gymnumphola N.reinwardtiana N.lowii N.rajah N.macrophylla N.edwardtiana N.trasmadiensis N.kinabaluensis N.villosa N.inermis N.muluensis N.murudensis N.tentaculata N.burbidgeae N.aristolochioides N.eustachya N.albo-marginata N.ampullaria N.gracilis N.spathulata N.sp B N.leptochila(=alata?)他

Shigeo Kurata
Nepentes latest circumstances of the Philippines

Danser以降に新たに記載されたフィリピン産のネペンテスについて、自生地の様子を含めて詳細に解説。 現在フィリピン産の原種としてはN.argentii N.alata N.bellii N.burkei N.copelandii N.dianiana N.merrilliana N.mira N.mirabilis N.mindanaoensis N.petiolata N.philippinensis N.saranganiensis N.sibuyanensis N.truncata N.ventricosaの16種類が記載されているが、そのうち、最近記載されたN.argentii N.mira N.mindanaoensis N.philippinensis N.sibuyanensis N.dianiana について標本等を元にその特徴と他の種との相違点、問題点などを解説。またN.copelandiiについては、N.alataの一変種としていたが、これは別種として扱うのが妥当との見解も示されました。
更には不明種N.species peltataについてはフィリピンより台湾の業者が採取し、それが日本の業者に流れて、国内で数名が栽培しており、 それらにいくつかの変異や共通点などを解説。自生地もはっきりしていなく、また現地調査も政情不安でままならないので、今後の調査が待たれるところである。

It explains Nepentes from the Philippines newly described since Danser in detail including the appearance of the natural growth ground. It explains the feature and the difference point and the problem, etc. with other seeds about N.argentii N.mira N.mindanaoensis N.philippinensis N.sibuyanensis N.dianiana described recently based on the specimen etc. sooner or later. Moreover, it was shown to treat this as a variety though N.alata was assumed to be a changing completely kind about N.copelandii and was shown the opinion with appropriate.
Furthermore, the trader from the Philippines to Taiwan gathers, it flows to the trader in Japan, several people are growing domestically, and it explains some mutations and common features, etc. to them about uncertain kind N.species peltata. The investigation is waited for the future because it is not while the natural growth ground is not made clear and the field investigation remains uneasy political situation it...

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